PS3 VS XBOX – Which One Is Better?

If you are passionately romantic about games nothing can stop you from enjoying the thrilling, spine chilling experience. There is a never-ending combat between PS3 Vs Xbox 360 which players from both the ends thoroughly enjoy.

Playstation 3 arrives in the gaming arena with an inbuilt Blu-Ray player; there is a High Definition output and incredible sound quality. Don’t marvel at it. There is more to come as yet.

Xbox 360 provides you an unbelievable community experience offered in the virtual premises of Windows User-friendly environment. The Windows environment is in turn cohesively linked to other Microsoft Windows applications.

Something that is common to both PS3 and XBOX? These Game consoles belong 7th generation offering simply flabbergasting gaming experience, both Play Station Network (PSN) and Xbox Live.

You don’t get charged monthly if you are using the PSN Network online; however Xbox Live is used on subscription basis with optimal to high pricing variations.

Comparison between PS3 Vs Xbox 360

PlayStation gaming console became immensely popular upon being released by its manufacturer Sony. Among the several features of PS3, there is only one gaming console using Blu-Ray disc as the primary storage medium.

This feature-enriched gaming console includes the Play Station Network. PSN’s connectivity with PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita is worth talking about. PlayStation Slim has also been released so far. Slim is thin and light however, it doesn’t carry backward compatibility.

PS3 Vs Xbox is one live question that makes you sit down and ponder. it’s a war like situation between these powerful gaming systems.

If we talk of the units sold throughout the world PS3 leads with 77 million approx. The manufacturer of PS3 is Sony while Xbox is a product of Microsoft. While both PS3 and Xbox are 7th generation products, PS network is used for multiplayer support, downloadable versions of movies and gaming stuff, and contacting other players.

Xbox Live takes on an online gaming spree and is offered for multiple number of players, Movies, gaming and other kinds of fun stuff.

The credit of developing Play Station 3 gaming console goes to Sony Computer Entertainment, usually referred to as PS3.  Xbox 360 is a video gaming console produced by Microsoft developed in synchro with IBM, and other like SiS.

Sound options from PS3 include Stereo-rich audio, shored up by Dolby Digital HDMI, 7.1 channel LPCM variance. Xbox audio is sustained by Dolby Pro-Logic version II. Xbox can also be buoyed up by around 5.1 channels Dolby’s Digital audio.

PS3 Vs Xbox when it comes down to graphics: PS3 relies on graphics powered by Nvidia’s graphics RSX processor, with 25 g MB main memory XDR range, and 256 visual memory GDDR. 10 Mega Bytes set in eDRAM and 512 MG with DDR3 visual RAM from ATI Xenos.

Gaming online or otherwise has become a necessity for many people who enjoy the game to get pure fun, and get relief from stress along with other plus points. It’s not about which console you choose, the idea lies behind the fact that you ought to make your choice as per your convenience.

So what about xbox vs ps3?

Succeeding Xbox is the second gaming console brought into the market as a Microsoft endeavor. In direct competition with Sony’s PlayStation 3 as well as Nintendo’s Wii, it is an act of simply superb master craftsmanship. The popularity of Xbox 360 can be judged by its 70 million and above users. Xbox Live is one hip hop service that lets you play online.

You can go on hunting and downloading arcade games, there are gaming demonstrations, and there are trailers, Television shows, musicals and movies.
Xbox 360 has features like Windows Media Center multimedia that keep you on your toes all the time.

Funky bit, isn’t it? Apart from this, third-party applications for media streaming are present. Good enough for fable worship of Xbox 360.

Is Xbox 360 is safer than Sony’s PS3?

In this race between Xbox Vs PS3, hacking has become the norm, it is a better option to subscribe to a gaming network rather than being caught napping by some furious mind. Xbox Live has so far been found to be hacked less frequently than its counterpart.

No doubt, PlayStation Plus service has a better face value, yet Xbox 360 is considered better of the two. There are millions of users who have reportedly seen the Xbox working leading to its colossal appeal.

Are you fond of shooters?

If you adore shooting as your favorite pastime activity, there is no looking back if you rely on Xbox 360 where you can find Halo or games like Gears of Wars. While PS3’s Demon’s Souls and Little Big Planet are the options that you would like to sit back and enjoy, they are not the most popular shooters till date.

As comparisons seem inevitable with Killzone games on PS3 the Big Dogs on Xbox 360 are for the gamers who have developed a penchant for shooters.

Which is the better Controller mainly for shooters?

Its Xbox Vs PS3 again! Game controllers are important while you are on a gaming spree. The Xbox 360 fits well into your hands, and lets you take charge of the gaming activity. In comparison to the thumbsticks which are found to be of higher accuracy levels, DualShock controller from Sony comes closely behind, as per the public opinion. While kids prefer Sony as a better option for timepass, the majority opts for Xbox 360.

Munch your chocolate: cross platform gamers

What would be your response if your game crashes or freezes or has developed any other issues?

Many PlayStation3 gamers who face such issues on a regular basis find this to be quite annoying, decreasing their interest in the gaming activity. Players on the Skyrim on PS3 complain that they have to endure such problems causing frustration. Sony exclusive games ought to have produced wonderful cross-platform results, which are not there.

Why players in the US prefer Xbox 360?

It is a simple question of dominance over one another. PS3 might rule the roost universally however Xbox 360 is the preferred in the US. More and more people are getting encouraged to play Xbox 360 games rather than the ones playing PS3 online games. It‘s a matter concerned with your choice.

So in conclusion our suggestion would be to buy both consoles, because when it comes down to true game-play one isn’t better than the other, a real gamer will get use out of both consoles and realize their money is well spent on buying both consoles instead of asking that xbox vs ps3 question, just use both and judge for your self, this question is different for every gamer as we have our own preferences when it comes to gaming consoles.